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whitey bulger. the defense will open its case on monday. jim armstrong has the story. >> reporter: the government ended its case on two powerful witnesses, one, what was known as massive money laundering and the other an irs agent who arrested him. he co--owned a bank account with his brother that was used to collect on big south boston debt long after whitey went on the run. after that jurors got to see everything pulled out of bulger's apartment turned hideout in santa monica california. more than $822,000 in cash hidden in walls alongside 30 pistols, rifles and other weapons. the witness testified he screamed and swore when arrested but eventually calmed down and told katherine to say, yes and, they're going get it. he used his real name joking quote, this is the first time i've signed this name in a long time. when agent gary hola asked if he would have ever used this arsenal to engage in a shoot-out with police, he said no because a stray bullet might hit someone. it was a powerful day of testimony and images but some are not confident of a conviction
it is takine is responsible. the university says it is takine hack seriously -- and it is upgrading its defense system. in san diego tonight.. it jt keeps getting worse. four me women have come forward, sa mayor bob filner tried to g them. all are prominent community members: 2 businesswomen.. a university dean.. even a red navy admiral. if you're keeping score, that brings e total number of filner accu to 7. the mayor refused to answer reporters' questions today. he's also refusing repeated calls to resign. and in new york, anthony we is still running for mayor. even though as vanita nair s us: we've learned that carlos danger, as he liked e called, was sexting a woman named sydney leathers. script:) this is the woman behind the latest "sexting" scandal for weiner, and the san die mayor. let me be very clear. the conduct of some of these pe is reprehensible. it's so disrespectful of women. and what's really stunning is ty don't even realize. they dot even have a clue. it's real, if they're clueless, get a . they need therapy, do it in private. we've all heard the advice: drink lots of water fo
on amendments to a nearly $600 billion defense bill that would block the nsa from gathering phone records of millions of americans. tara mergener is in washington with more on that. good morning, tara. >> good morning, anne-marie. white house press secretary jay carney released a statement late last night saying that while the president is open to a discussion of domestic surveillance tactics, the house amendment stripped the nsa of one of its most important counterterrorism tools. me meanwhile it could also have an impact on how the u.s. gets involved in the conflict in syria. general chief alexander made an emergency visit to capitol hill on tuesday. he asked lawmakers from both parties to oppose an amendment to a defense bill that would stop his agency from collecting phone records from millions of americans. the legislation is one of the first actions by congress against the nsa since former contractor edward snowden leaked details of the agency's domestic spying programs last month. michigan republican congressman justin amosh introduced the amendment and believes it has a good chanc
amash, late today offered an amendment to a defense spending bill that would end the n.s.a.'s blanket collection of domestic phone data. amash's plan would allow the n.s.a. to continue collecting limited u.s. phone data but only of individuals targeted in counter- terrorism investigations. administration officials are fighting any restrictions. >> i think it's important to-- for the defense of our country. >> reporter: n.s.a. chief keith alexander has led the campaign to preserve the n.s.a.'s powers. intelligence committee leaders from both parties agree it's crucial to keep collect so- called metadata, information detailing what numbers are dialed and how long the calls last. but a privacy-minded coalition of liberals and conservatives want the government to back off. jason chaipens is a republican from utah. >> if there's cause, great, let's go ahead and track you. but if there's not cause, if you're an american going about your own business, you should not be tracked by your federal government. >> reporter: late today the amendment was defeated. meaning the n.s.a. data collection p
shooting at each other, technically it was a case of self-defense. again, police know who those gunmen are but so far they have not arrested them because of that self-defense reason provided by the district attorney. liz? >> that was maybe not necessarily cold-blooded murder but what about this one, judy salamon. any update on that shooting? >> reporter: so far police have not provided a motive in the killing. so not a whole lot of new information. >> thank you. >>> with more police looking for anyone who may have lost tens of thousands of dollars in a craigslist rental scam, police say the teenaged suspect used the family condo as bait. kpix 5 reporter ryan takeo is in livermore tonight and explains how the renters were taken. ryan. >> reporter: ken, police say this was an elaborate scam at one of these apartments. they say the suspect even gave victims fake leases and working keys. >>> reporter: >> the other person fell through and it was available and i set up a walk-through that day. >> reporter: when tia started looking for apartments on craigslist she thought she knew most of th
, then we're in a lot of trouble. >> reporter: a lot of money was raced for bradley manning's defense. one is jeff paterson. $1.4million was raised to keep the private out of jail. as it turns out, he is convicted of 20 of the 22 counts against him. but you say this is a success. >> the judge agreed bradley manning is not a traitor didn't intend to aid the enemy. he is a whistle-blower in every sense of the world and with that money, we were able to change the public discuss from bradley manning traitor into a real discussion of how heroic he was in giving the information that we the people needed to have to make intelligent decisions on our foreign policy. >> reporter: how dangerous is that, though, if somebody releases classified information and potentially the enemies get it. how can we allow that, especially from our service people? >> reporter: just depends on what information we're talking about. -- >> in this case bradley manning gave us historical documents to let us retrospectively evaluate what we did in afghanistan and iraq and whether that's correct foreign policy for our nati
and disadvantaged. and it's hoped such a message may prove more attractive than the defensiveness that prevailed in the wake of repeated vatican scandals, both financial and sexual. in rio, we found new yorker ariana drauch who credited the pope with re-energizing the faithful. >> i think the pope has a great head on his shoulders and he definitely -- he knows what he's talking about. >> reporter: dean reynolds de janeiro, cbs news. >>> time now for headlines. for that to happen the stock would have to trip until value. >> "the washington post" says the cia is winding down operations in afghanistan. the spy agency plans to cut the number of its clandestine bases in afghanistan in half. >> the "los angeles times" look at apple third quarter earnings. the company beat predictions. also set a record for the number of iphones sold. the news sent shares higher in after hours trading. >> "the boston globe" said a grand jury is hearing emd on whether aaron hernandez should be charged in the shooting death of two men in 2012. he is due in court today for the murder of another man
security with the utmost seriousness and is continually upgrading its defenses against cyber attacks. like many institutions, it repells millions of attacks on its information systems each day. a report in the "new york times" cites security administrators from universities around the nation confirming that the number of hacking attacks is on the rise. in some cases, research may be targeted. but the university networks also contain plenty of personal data. >> certainly cyber security is very important to our campus. >> reporter: pat harris with san jose state says the university is on constant watch for increases and other security breaches -- intrusions and other security breaches. >> we have a staff dedicated centrally. we also have people, of course, in every department and every division who are thinking about these kinds of things constantly trying to be sure we're secure in what we're doing. >> reporter: students say they also do what they can to protect their own information. >> security, it is a wi-fi network too so most people know you shouldn't be check your bank statements and
no. >> i think it's important for the defense of our country. >> reporter: lawmakers who serve on the intelligence committees have known about the scope of the surveillance programs for years and many are strongly defending them. maryland democrat dutch runnersberger says it's vital too catching terrorists. >> i definitely feel the amendment would hurt our national security and subject us to terrorist attacks. >> reporter: the white house is also urging lawmakers to vote no on the amendment saying it would dismantle the nation's intelligence community. on capitol hill, danielle nottingham, kpix 5. >> the white house has asked russian authorities for clarity on snowden's status. the administration wants snowden back in the u.s. to face espionage charges. >>> former congressman anthony weiner is back on the campaign trail a day after he apologized for his latest "sexting" scandal. reporters swarmed him as he stepped out of his apartment a few hours ago. the "new york times" and the "daily news" are calling on him to drop out of the race. he has now acknowledged that he continued
and dozens. it's six to ten. i can't tell you. >>> anthony weiner goes on the defensive. >> he's saying one thing to me, saying another thing to his wife, saying another thing on the campaign trail. i don't know who the real anthony wooeiner is. >>> this is the "cbs morning news" for friday, july 26th, 2013. good morning. good to be with you. i'm anne-marie green. well, investigators looking into spain's deadliest rail disaster in decades is looking at speed. it may have been going twice as fast. one american is among the dead and the state department says at least five others were hurt. tara mergener has more. >> reporter: video of the crash outside the city of santiago de compostela shows how quickly the train derailed off the track and twisted into pieces. there are indications that the train may have been traveled at twice the speed limit. the driver garzon is in the hospital. one of the victims was an american identified as 47-year-old cordoba from virginia. she was the administrative employee of the catholic diocese. she was vacationing with her husband and daughter to visit their son
in the shadow, the timing of her defense is being questioned. the former aide to hillary clinton is being called the good wife and the architect behind her husband's comeback. others call her overrated. the bottom line is everyone wants to know why she's standing by him. >> you have to sympathize with his wife. >> reporter: new york congressman gregory meeks is among those calling for weiner to reconsider his run. and house minority leader nancy pelosi feels even more strongly about it. >> reprehensible. it is so disrespectful of women. and what's really stunning about it, they don't even realize it. they don't have a clue. >> the controversy is having an effect on weiner's bid for new york city. a poll taken after his latest admission shows him going from first place to second. the unexpected element in all of this is his wife huma seems to be under the same scrutiny as weiner himself. >> i know we'll talk about that coming up in the next half hour. this polls shows about 73% of new yorkers think huma standing by him made no difference at all. all right. >>> federal officials have announced the
. the giants still won behind stellar pitching and smothering defense and timely hitting and even though they used a different closer down the stretch, this one still had a beard to fear. >> baseball legend and former giants player willie mays attended the celebration. the giants hope to snap out of their last-place slump when they kick off a six-game road trip tomorrow. >>> still ahead at noon, the most common food items sending an alarming rate of children to the hospital. >> a high-profile jewelry heist in france is one of the biggest in history. the one clue leading police on the hunt. >> hi, i'm meteorologist lawrence karnow in the kpix 5 weather center. the clouds trying to break up but today likely going to be the coolest day of the week. we'll talk about that coming up. we're gettin' cereal. 'cause over 40 general mills cereals are 130 calories or less per serving. just look for the g. boom! that's how nutrition is done, people. [ laughs ] ♪ [ female announcer ] hey ladies. you love it. you've got to have it. cinnamon toast crunch, 'cause that cinnamon and sugar is so irresisti
to prepare the defense accordingly. >> the two were released on $500,000 each and could face charges that could pud them behind bars for hundreds of years. >> well, coming up after your local news on "cbs this morning," actor dean norris from the hit series "under the dome." i'm anne-marie green. this is the "cbs morning news." ♪ i, i got it, i got it made ♪ i got it made ♪ i got it made fresh at subway ♪ ♪ breakfast made the way i say [ male announcer ] nothing better than a subway bacon, egg & cheese with avocado made before your eyes. subway. eat fresh. made before your eyes. whoever said and fetch is just a game,k never experienced the happiness of loving a pet. that's why, at petsmart, we go above and beyond. with hundreds of new products coming soon for a brand new shopping experience. petsmart®. >>> the library of congress is undertaking a monumental task. there are literally hundreds of thousands of tv shows from the 1950s to the 1970s that are in danger of being lost forever. jan crawford is taking a look at what's being done to make sure these snippets of history
defense, and even their ve..but good >>> the as were just three for 26 with runners scoring position in their three-game series with houston. they didn't play good defense. even the closer blew a save but good teams know how to win ugly. getaway in houston for the green and gold. tied at one in the 6th inning. carlos colpran two shot to right. aj griffin has now allowed 23 home runs tied for the second most in the majors. solo shot. coco crisp with a two-run shot into the crawford boxes. his tenth home run of the year. grant balfour the day off so it was ryan cook in for the save. he got the final four out. the as win 4-3 i thought this was one of their worst series of the year but they win it. they are now 11-1 against houston this series. >>> alex rodriguez is expected to be baseball's next big name suspended for using performance- enhancing drugs and as always with a-rod there's drama. rodriguez has been on the dl all season. and just as he was ready to return last weekend, he was diagnosed with a "quad strain." but a-rod says the yankees made up the injury to prevent him from pla
intimidating women but denied allegations of sexual harassment. >>> the defense is expected to begin calling witnesses today in the racketeering trial of accused mobster whitey bulger. some prosecution witnesses gave grisly testimony of his alleged involvement in 19 murders and other crimes. it's not clear if he plans to testify in his own defense. >>> later this morning, three former opinion state officials will go -- three former penn state officials will go before a judge. the judge will decide whether the former president, vice president and athletic director will face the crimes of covering up the crimes of jerry sandusky who was convicted of abuse last year. >>> one of the three women held captive for a decade made a public appearance in cleveland. amanda berry and her family joined a rapper at a festival. her appearance came a day after ariel castro pleaded guilty to 937 counts for keeping berry, gina dejesus and michelle knight captive in his home for years. >>> time now about 10 minutes before 6:00. to catch a thief that made off with $53 million in jewels in cans. >> and they're of
apparently don't change. the giants still won behind stellar pitching, and smother defense, and timely hitting. and even though they used a different closer down the stretch this one still had a beard to fear. [ laughter ] >> reporter: bay area-born white house staffers kendra and shannon gillson weren't going to miss this one. you're on have a situation, right? >> i'm on vacation . >> you're on have a situation, right? >> i'm on vacation. i flew back from san francisco to come here to see the ceremony. >> reporter: was it one of those, what, the giants back they white house? get me on the next flight out of here. >> had to make it. it was cool. huge giants fan. grew up going to the stick. then they moved. so it was wonderful to be here and experience it. >> reporter: it was all over in about 12 minutes. perhaps a 12-minute therapy session for a team sitting in last place of the division losers of seven of eight including four in a row with a series starting in philadelphia tomorrow. at the white house, vern glenn, kpix 5. >> and coming up in sports, you can hear more of vern's report
in the fight against terrorism. the vote was 217 to 205 against an amendment to the defense bill. if it had passed, the nsa would have been required to identify specific targets before collecting data. >>> and it looks like student loan rates will be going back down. the u.s. senate has passed a bill to cut loan rates for the fall. it's similar to a bill the house already passed. the bill would link interest rates for federal student loans to the financial markets. president obama says the bipartisan vote is a major victory for american students. >>> on the subject of president obama, he is still on a road trip that will take him to florida today. he was in illinois and missouri yesterday. he says he is trying to focus attention on the economy after what he calls distractions like the irs and the nsa. >> repealing obamacare and cutting spending is not an economic plan. this moment does not require short-term thinking. it does not require having the same old stale debates. our focus has to be on the basic economic issues that matter most to you, the people we represent. >> most recent polls
's taking the hacking seriously and it's upgrading its computer defense system. >>> two democratic politicians from opposite sides of the country are under fire for sex scandals. new york city mayoral candidate anthony weiner admitting to "sexting" more women and more women are accusing san diego's mayor of sexual harassment. san francisco representative nancy pelosi had something to say about both. >> the conduct of some of these people that we're talking about here is reprehensible. it's so disrespectful of women and what's really stunning about is they don't even realize it. they don't have a clue. and it is really -- if they're clueless, get a clue. if they need therapy, do it in private. >> yeah. apparently, uhm, the, uhm, -- weiner says he is not going to drop out of the mayor's race despite all the revelations. so we'll see what happens there. meanwhile, four more women are accusing san diego mayor bob filner of harassment. that makes seven women who have come forward claiming to be groped or kissed by the san diego mayor. filner refused to answer reporter questions about al
and upgrading its defense system. >> in san diego tonight, it just keeps getting worse. four more women have come forward saying that the mayor tried to grope them. all are prominent community members, two business women. a university dean, even a retired navy admiral. if you're keeping score, that brings the number of accusers to seven. the mayor refused to answer questions today. he is also refusing repeated calls to resign. >>> and in new york, anthony weiner is still running for mayor even though we have learned that carlos danger as he liked to be called was sexting a woman named cindy leathers. >> reporter: this is the woman behind the latest scandal involving anthony weiner. 23-year-old cindy leathers said that she and weiner exchanged racy photos and message starting in july of 2012. weiner described his desire to continue the x-rating exchanges. >> he is an argumentative perpetually horny middle aged man and at the time i was like, oh, no you're not. but yes, he is. >> reporter: their online relationship ended after about six months. leathers says that weiner started controlling her
it was a case of self-defense. police know who those gunmen are but so far have not arrested those people. now there is a vigil going on for judy solomon and these are her neighbors. they are doing a dog walk right now in honor of judy solomon. she was an animal lover and had a dog and a cap. they are marching from this location where she was shot and killed a few blocks away. >> discounts than what the city to declare a state of emergency so they can get additional help from the state and alameda county. but he does not have enough votes on the council to pass up that declaration. >> the feds have been reportedly asking silicone valley major e-mail providers to hand over passwords for users accounts. some experts compared to having a wiretap on your e-mail. >> when you log into your consumer e-mail account, even the provider does not actually know your password. but it does though the underlying algorithms used to encrypt or hash the password. and declan of the cola says that data is what the government is now after. >> how targeted it is, whether it's individualized or widespread, we are try
with the man responsible for morsi's ouster the defense minister assisi. she tries to work with both to pull them back from the brink. all eyes on the protests where thousands of morsi supporters have been camped out since morsi's ouster. they're demanding his reinstatement. but the government has asked them to leave. they said that needs to happen soon. the concern is that some type of an operation will be launched in order to forcibly remove them from those camps and that could quickly evolve into a bloody confrontation. here in cairo, the streets are tense today. the muslim brotherhood has called for another big protest. they're saying it's going to be a million man march. and of course, the last time there were big protests here on friday, more than 70 protesters were gunned down and killed by the next day. so certainly, everybody here a little bit on edge. clarissa ward, cbs news, cairo. >>> in washington, the latest round of mideast peace talks resumes tonight. the meetings opened last night with a dinner hosted by secretary of state john kerry jewish settlements, the fate of palestini
. the defense argued manning is a naive whistle-blower who didn't think the information he leaked would threaten u.s. security. they say he chose information the public needed to no. some of his supporters rallied outside fort meade in maryland. >> if people like bradley can't stand up and tell us what our government is doing when it's wrong, ostensibly wrong, then we're in a lot of trouble. >> reporter: manning still faces years in prison. there will be a hearing to determine his sentencing on wednesday. >> it's called a dangerous case of national security extremism from the obama administration. >>> another case of exposing classified government secrets the u.s. plans to declassify information about the national security agency's surveillance programs as early as today. the disclosure comes in the wake of the leaks by the former nsa worker edward snowden and bipartisan efforts from congress to end or change government surveillance programs. the documents would also include information about foreign intelligence surveillance court. >>> the lead negotiator is back from vacation and for the very
qaeda leader had asked his followers to send him some of the documents. chief defense attorney david coombs had portrayed manning as a well-meaning but naive whistle nawer. manning himself had told the mudge his aim was to provoke a public debate about american foreign policy and the wars in iraq and afghanistan. coombs walked out of the court, he was greeted with applause by snning supporters. soday is a good day, he was quoted as saying. but bradley is by no means out of the fire. manning still faces a maximum sentence of 136 years in prison. a hearing to determine manning's mannice begins tomorrow and could last for weeks. he can no longer be sentenced to but hethout parole, but he could still end up spending the rest of his life in prison. >> schieffer: okay, dave. chiek you. another american charged with remaonage remains in limbo which o the case of edward snowden is i airport in russia. a fired n.s.a. contract employee revealed two top secret toprnment surveillance programs, of course. russia is considering his request for temporary asylum. mpe u.s. government wants him tent h
an amendment to a defense bill to end the phone records program. the obama administration is warning the nation would be at risk of more terrorism if it stops the nsa's massive collection of personal phone records. >>> former new york congressman anthony weiner is apologizing again for sending more explicit photos and messages. this time, he says he is refusing to quit in his race for mayor. >> there is no question that what i did is wrong. >> i have forgiven him. i believe in him. and as we have said from the beginning, we are moving forward. >> weiner reportedly promised a 22-year-old woman a job at a political website and a chicago condo where they could meet and have sex. we have seen this before. he resigned his house seat in 2011 after apologizing for sending explicit photos and x- rated chats. >>> oakland's police chief explains why his department was caught off guard when protestors reacted to the george zimmerman acquittal earlier this month. chief sean whent told the city council it was an intelligence failure. dozens of vandals broke from a peaceful protest and busted out windows at
' phone records in the fight against terrorism. the vote was 217-205 against an amendment to the defense bill. >> leading up to the september 11th attacks a terrorist overseas called a terrorist living amongst us in the united states! and we missed it because we didn't have this capability. >> if it had passed, the nsa would have been required to identify specific targets before collecting data. >>> the majority of democrats would like to see hillary clinton run for the white house in 2016. according to a survey, 63% say that they would back hillary clinton as their presidential nominee vice president joe biden a distant second. no clear front-runner at this point on the gop side. but 15% of those surveyed picked new jersey governor chris christie as their nominee. >>> and former president george h.w. bush, 41, is coming out with a new hairdo. he shaved his head in support of 2-year-old patrick, who has leukemia. you can see them both here in this picture with matching shaved heads. patrick's father is on mr. bush's security team. the entire team shaved their hair last week to show suppo
against terrorism. the vote was 217-205. so it's close. against an amendment to the defense bill. opponents of the amendment said that the surveillance program is intended to keep america safe from terrorism. supporters say it's an invasion of privacy. >> rein in government invasion, no more dragnet operations. get a specific warrant based on probable cause or stay out of our lives! >> if it passed, the nsa would have been required to identify specific targets before collecting data. >>> the man who leaked information about the nsa surveillance program remains in a holding pattern inside this moscow airport today. edward snowden's lawyer said russian immigration authorities are still reviewing his request for asylum. the obama administration is again telling russia, snowden should be returned to the u.s. to face spying charges. >>> o.j. simpson will be back inside a courtroom today fighting for his freedom. he is looking to get out of a nevada prison where he has been serving time for kidnapping and armed robbery. he was convicted in 2008 for robbing two sports memorabilia deale
is not particularly creative, not innovative. he doesn't use policy to put the congress on the defensive and force them to act. so i-- and then he ends up with the assessment of blame as you're saying, and it looks small. it looks inconsequential, and it makes people wonder we're going to have eight weeks of this message? that's really not sustainable. >> he's trying to pivot, but he's pivoting away dealing with today's problems and saying here's the long-term, the 25, 30-year agenda. that's fine but what are we going to do about tax reform this year. what are we going to do about the debt sealing this year? what are we going to do with the keystone pipeline this year? >> schieffer: again, i'm showing my age, which is not difficult to do anymore, but i can remember the days when the two sides were far apart and they tried to figure out some way to talk to each other about it. now one side goes out and makes a bunch of speeches. the republicans have been making speeches all summer here. it just seems like we're in, as you say, more of the same. i don't see anything getting resolved. >> we're in a p
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by talking about a strong defense and 9/11. he gets to beat up on rand paul and rand paul gets to rail against the establishment and that's the box he's putting chris christie in the kind of establishment box and that's the message he puts out. this gets them both a lot of coverage for their views. >> do you think it's a forerunner for the campaign in 2016? >> absolutely. and it's not just going on with these two. we see liz cheney, the daughter of former vice president running a campaign against the establishment in washington, touching on some of these same themes. so this is going on in several different areas in the republican party. >> even if there were parents in the room they would say, you two knock it off. you're from the same family. >> there is no parent in the room and this happens with parties who don't have a leader, don't have a president, and don't have a charismatic next-in-line candidate. and the republican are going through a very exciting -- maybe crees creates heartburn. they're trying to figure out what the party stands for, what its core
is running into turbulence. only one defense contractor said it will bid on the contract. major garrett is at the white house. major, good morning. >> good morning, charlie and gayle. the president's jets, air force one and his limousine around here we call it the beef, are brand new. but the helicopter fleet is more than 35 years old. when the president first came to the white house, he resisted getting a new batch of helicopters arguing that costs too much then he approved a smaller, cheaper fleet. but the cost ironically may stick the taxpayers with a higher-priced monopoly. we take for granted the short stroll from the oval office to the awaiting helicopter. president obama, george herbert lush, ronald reagan and jimmy carter have all used the same fleet. president nixon used the fleet too, officeafter resigning madee one a backdrop to ignominy. it's faster than the limousine. more nimble than air force one, but -- >> the existing helicopter fleet is extremely old, but it doesn't have a lot of the modern features, communication features. it's kind of like driving around in an old, o
on the defensive. >> he's saying one thing to me, saying another thing to his wife, saying another thing on the campaign trail. i don't know who the real anthony wooeiner is. >>> this is the "cbs morni
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